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The CALL Collection is an archive of Australian First Nations language materials from across Australia. Many other people have contributed as students, staff, Community Elders, Community Language Workers, teachers, advisors, or project workers.

Your generous donation will help to protect these valuable and often rare First Nations language materials. Your support ensures that we can digitise rare and damages works so that they are available to their language communities, and contributes to the critical work being undertaken in language revival and language maintenance programs. The works will also be available to the wider community and will assist in important research to reconstruct the sleeping languages of Australia.

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We greatly appreciate your support for the CALL Collection.

If you would like to talk to someone about making a donation or leaving a bequest, please contact:
(08) 8939 7103
CALL Collection—Batchelor Institute Library
Cnr Awilla Rd and Nurndina Crescent, Batchelor NT 0845

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