Offer Materials

The Collection thanks all those people who have offered texts, images and recordings to the archive. Without you the Collection would not exist.

This community of contributors includes students, staff, linguists, language workers, teachers, researchers, project workers, publishers and many others.

People offer materials to:

  • Strengthen identity and well-being
  • Maintain, preserve and revive culture and language
  • Make it easier for people to access works in language
  • Make sure there is a back-up copy for future generations
  • Reduce risk of loss and damage
  • Record and raise awareness about First Nations languages.

The Collection accepts materials that fit the Selection Criteria, in both analogue and digital formats, including text, audio, audio-visual, still image and e-book materials.

Contact us if you would like to offer or donate materials to the Collection.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

The CALL Collection accepts materials in Australian First Nations languages, and materials that have significant amounts of First Nations language or are about First Nations languages and culture.

All materials must be:

  • written or recorded in Australian First Nations languages*
  • related/relevant to Australian First Nations languages

These materials must fall within at least one of these categories:

  • Original, unpublished
  • Rare, published (not easily accessible, not commercially available).

Material types — all: text, audio, audio-visual, still images, e-books

Formats — all formats, analogue and digital.

*May include works in English with words in Australian Indigenous languages.

View the Selection Criteria

A special shelf in the Collection holds items of rare or community or cultural significance that are not necessarily in a First Nations language or about language, e.g. oral histories, cultural knowledge works, community newsletters, Batchelor Institute photos. Contact the Library for more information.

Offer of Materials

Offer of Materials

If you would like to offer materials to the collection, please check the Selection Criteria  and the catalogue or contact the Library. If items don’t fit the criteria or are duplicates they will not be accepted. Please contact the CALL Collection first to check if the material fits the criteria and is not already in the Collection.

If you want to offer a digital copy of material, or ask for material to be digitised, returned to you and a copy held in the Collection, please contact the Library. You may be asked to fill in a form to help us know more about the materials.

Offer or Donate Materials Form

Offer or Donate Materials Form

View the Offer of Materials form